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 2013CMOS-compatible ruggedized high-temperature Lamb wave pressure sensorKropelnicki, P.; Muckensturm, K.-M.; Mu, X. J.; Randles, A. B.; Cai, H.; Tsai, J. M.; Vogt, H.; Ang, Wan Chia
2013A nanoelectromechanical systems actuator driven and controlled by Q-factor attenuation of ring resonatorDong, Bin; Ng, Geok Ing; Liu, Ai Qun; Cai, H.; Kropelnicki, P.; Tsai, J. M.; Randles, A. B.; Tang, M.; Gu, Y. D.; Suo, Z. G.
 2012Novel development of the micro-tensile test at elevated temperature using a test structure with integrated micro-heaterAng, Wan Chia; Soe, Oak; Tan, Chuan Seng; Kropelnicki, P.; Ling, Joyce H. L.; Randles, A. B.; Hum, A. J. W.; Tsai, J. M. L.; Tay, Andrew A. O.; Leong, K. C.
2014Uncooled resonant infrared detector based on aluminum nitride piezoelectric film through charge generations and lattice absorptionsTan, Chuan Seng; Kropelnicki, P.; Zhu, Y.; Randles, A. B.; Gu, Y. A.; Leong, K. C.; Ang, Wan Chia