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2016Glucocorticoid receptor-PPARα axis in fetal mouse liver prepares neonates for milk lipid catabolismRando, Gianpaolo; Tan, Chek Kun; Khaled, Nourhène; Montagner, Alexandra; Leuenberger, Nicolas; Bertrand-Michel, Justine; Paramalingam, Eeswari; Guillou, Hervé; Wahli, Walter
2013The peroxisomal enzyme L-PBE is required to prevent the dietary toxicity of medium-chain Fatty acidsReddy, Janardan K.; Ding, Jun; Loizides-Mangold, Ursula; Rando, Gianpaolo; Zoete, Vincent; Michielin, Olivier; Wahli, Walter; Riezman, Howard; Thorens, Bernard
2013Role of the circadian clock gene Per2 in adaptation to cold temperatureChappuis, Sylvie; Ripperger, Jürgen Alexander; Schnell, Anna; Rando, Gianpaolo; Jud, Corinne; Wahli, Walter; Albrecht, Urs