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2016Damage detection in bent plates using shear horizontal guided wavesNazeer, Nakash; Ratassepp, Madis; Fan, Zheng
2017Damage detection in quasi-isotropic composite bends using ultrasonic feature guided wavesYu, Xudong; Ratassepp, Madis; Fan, Zheng
2016Guided Wave Tomography Based on Full Waveform InversionRao, Jing; Ratassepp, Madis; Fan, Zheng
2016Limited-view ultrasonic guided wave tomography using an adaptive regularization methodRao, Jing; Ratassepp, Madis; Fan, Zheng
2017On-Line Corrosion Monitoring of Plate Structures Based on Guided Wave Tomography Using Piezoelectric SensorsRao, Jing; Ratassepp, Madis; Lisevych, Danylo; Hamzah Caffoor, Mahadhir; Fan, Zheng
 2017Quantitative imaging of Young's modulus in plates using guided wave tomographyRatassepp, Madis; Rao, Jing; Fan, Zheng