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2017Control of active front-end rectifier of the solid-state transformer with improved dynamic performance during prechargingDehghani Tafti, Hossein; Cao, Shuyu; Ravi Kishore, Kanamarlapudi Venkata; Farivar, Ghias; Yeo, Howe Li; Sriram, Vaisambhayana Brihadeeswara; Pou, Josep; Tripathi, Anshuman
2017Modular DAB DC-DC converter low voltage side dc link capacitor two-stage charging-up control for solid state transformer applicationCao, Shuyu; Sriram, Vaisambhayana Brihadeeswara; Dehghani Tafti, Hossein; Ravi Kishore, Kanamarlapudi Venkata; Yeo, Howe Li; Tripathi, Anshuman; Pou, Josep