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 2012Argon-plasma-induced ultrathin thermal grafting of thermoresponsive pNIPAm coating for contractile patterned human SMC sheet engineeringRayatpisheh, Shahrzad; Li, Peng; Chan-Park, Mary B.
 2012Cationic peptidopolysaccharides show excellent broad-spectrum antimicrobial activities and high selectivityHammond, Paula T.; Chan-Park, Mary B.; Li, Peng; Rayatpisheh, Shahrzad; Zhou, Chuncai; Ye, Kai; Poon, Yin Fun; Duan, Hongwei
 2013High water content hydrogel with super high refractive indexZhou, Chuncai; Heath, Daniel E.; Sharif, Abdul Rahim Mohamed; Rayatpisheh, Shahrzad; Oh, Bernice H. L.; Rong, Xu; Chan-Park, Mary B.; Beuerman, Roger W.
 2012Impact of endothelial cells on 3D cultured smooth muscle cells in a biomimetic hydrogelChan-Park, Mary B.; Liu, Yunxiao; Rayatpisheh, Shahrzad; Chew, Sing Yian