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2020Characterisation of CaCO3 phases during strain-specific ureolytic precipitationClarà Saracho, Alexandra; Haigh, Stuart K.; Hata, Toshiro; Soga, Kenichi; Farsang, Stefan; Redfern, Simon Anthony Turner; Marek, Ewa
 2021Effect of salinity, pressure and temperature on the solubility of smithsonite (ZnCO₃) and Zn complexation in crustal and upper mantle hydrothermal fluidsFarsang, Stefan; Louvel, Marion; Rosa, Angelika D.; Amboage, Monica; Anzellini, Simone; Widmer, Remo N.; Redfern, Simon Anthony Turner
2020Hydrogen pentagraphenelike structure stabilized by hafnium : a high-temperature conventional superconductorXie, Hui; Yao, Yansun; Feng, Xiaolei; Duan, Defang; Song, Hao; Zhang, Zihan; Jiang, Shuqing; Redfern, Simon Anthony Turner; Kresin, Vladimir Z.; Pickard, Chris J.; Cui, Tian
2022Impact of interannual and multidecadal trends on methane-climate feedbacks and sensitivityCheng, Chin-Hsien; Redfern, Simon Anthony Turner
 2022Inclusions in calcite phantom crystals suggest role of clay minerals in dolomite formationFarsang, Stefan; Pekker, Péter; Lampronti, Giulio I.; Molnár, Zsombor; Milovský, Rastislav; Pósfai, Mihály; Ozdín, Daniel; Raub, Timothy D.; Redfern, Simon Anthony Turner
2020Mineralogical and geochemical characteristics of Triassic lithium-rich K-bentonite deposits in Xiejiacao section, South ChinaLin, Yongjie; Zheng, Mianping; Zhang, Yongsheng; Xing, Enyuan; Redfern, Simon Anthony Turner; Xu, Jianming; Zhong, Jiaai; Niu, Xinsheng
 2022A novel 2D porous C₃N₂ framework as a promising anode material with ultra-high specific capacity for lithium-ion batteriesCai, Xinyong; Yi, Wencai; Chen, Jiao; Lu, Linguo; Sun, Bai; Ni, Yuxiang; Redfern, Simon Anthony Turner; Wang, Hongyan; Chen, Zhongfang.; Chen, Yuanzheng
2020Ternary hypervalent silicon hydrides via lithium at high pressureLiang, Tianxiao; Zhang, Zihan; Feng, Xiaolei; Jia, Haojun; Pickard, Chris J.; Redfern, Simon Anthony Turner; Duan, Defang
2020Thermal behavior of iron arsenides under non-oxidizing conditionsSeitkan, Ainur; Lampronti, Giulio I.; Widmer, Remo N.; Casati, Nicola P. M.; Redfern, Simon Anthony Turner