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2019Graphene quantum dot based charge-reversal nanomaterial for nucleus-targeted drug delivery and efficiency controllable photodynamic therapyJu, Jian; Regmi, Sagar; Fu, Afu; Lim, Sierin; Liu, Quan
2017High Shear Stresses under Exercise Condition Destroy Circulating Tumor Cells in a Microfluidic SystemRegmi, Sagar; Fu, Afu; Luo, Kathy Qian
2016Structure and possible function of a G-quadruplex in the long terminal repeat of the proviral HIV-1 genomeDe Nicola, Beatrice; Lech, Christopher J.; Heddi, Brahim; Regmi, Sagar; Frasson, Ilaria; Perrone, Rosalba; Richter, Sara N.; Phan, Anh Tuân
2018Study of the destructive effects of shear stress and ROS-generating drugs on circulating tumor cellsRegmi, Sagar