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2017Allosteric cross-talk in chromatin can mediate drug-drug synergyAdhireksan, Zenita; Palermo, Giulia; Riedel, Tina; Ma, Zhujun; Muhammad, Reyhan; Rothlisberger, Ursula; Dyson, Paul J.; Davey, Curtis Alexander
2016Fighting Cancer with Transition Metal Complexes: From Naked DNA to Protein and Chromatin Targeting StrategiesPalermo, Giulia; Magistrato, Alessandra; Riedel, Tina; Erlach, Thibaud von; Davey, Curt Alexander; Dyson, Paul J.; Rothlisberger, Ursula
2017Nucleosome acidic patch-targeting binuclear ruthenium compounds induce aberrant chromatin condensationDavey, Gabriela Elzbieta; Adhireksan, Zenita; Ma, Zhujun; Riedel, Tina; Sharma, Deepti; Padavattan, Sivaraman; Rhodes, Daniela; Ludwig, Alexander; Sandin, Sara; Murray, Benjamin S.; Dyson, Paul J.; Davey, Curtis Alexander