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2014Bank ownership and efficiency in the aftermath of financial crises : evidence from IndonesiaRiyanto, Yohanes Eko; Parinduri, Rasyad A.
 2016Category reporting in charitable giving : an experimental analysisLi, Jingping; Riyanto, Yohanes Eko
2019Costly information acquisition, social networks, and asset prices : experimental evidenceHalim, Edward; Riyanto, Yohanes Eko; Roy, Nilanjan
2020Diminishing personal information privacy weakens image concernsRiyanto, Yohanes Eko; Zhang, Jianlin
2018Directed trust and trustworthiness in a social network : an experimental investigationRiyanto, Yohanes Eko; Yeo, Jonathan X. W.
 2011Economic crisis and fiscal policy managementArlini, Silvia Mila; Riyanto, Yohanes Eko
2019The effect of language on economic behavior : examining the causal link between future tense and time preference in the labChen, Josie I.; He, Tai-Sen; Riyanto, Yohanes Eko
 2014An Egalitarian system breeds generosity: The impact of redistribution procedures on pro-social behaviorRiyanto, Yohanes Eko; Zhang, Jianlin
 2019Enhancing effort supply with prize-augmenting entry fees : theory and experimentsHammond, Robert G.; Liu, Bin; Lu, Jingfeng; Riyanto, Yohanes Eko
 2012How does voice matter? Evidence from the ultimatum gameRiyanto, Yohanes Eko; Ong, Qiyan.; Sheffrin, Steven M.
 2012The impact of the strategic sale of restructured banks: evidence from IndonesiaRiyanto, Yohanes Eko; Parinduri, Rasyad A.
2017The limit to behavioral inertia and the power of default in voluntary contribution gamesLiu, Jia; Riyanto, Yohanes Eko
 2019Liquidation policy and credit history in financial contracting : an experimentLiu, Jia; Riyanto, Yohanes Eko
2020Pronoun drop and prosocial behavior : experimental evidence from JapanHe, Tai-Sen; Riyanto, Yohanes Eko; Tanaka, Saori C.; Yamada, Katsunori
 2022Sharing idiosyncratic risk even though prices are “wrong”Halim, Edward; Riyanto, Yohanes Eko; Roy, Nilanjan
2021When face masks signal social identity : explaining the deep face-mask divide during the COVID-19 pandemicPowdthavee, Nattavudh; Riyanto, Yohanes Eko; Wong, Erwin C. L.; Yeo, Jonathan X. W.; Chan, Qi Yu