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 2012Co-motif discovery identifies an Esrrb-Sox2-DNA ternary complex as a mediator of transcriptional differences between mouse embryonic and epiblast stem cellsMistri, Tapan Kumar; Rahmani, Mehran; Woon, Chow Thai; Ng, Calista Keow Leng; Jauch, Ralf; Robson, Paul; Hutchins, Andrew Paul; Choo, Siew Hua
2013Oct4 switches partnering from Sox2 to Sox17 to reinterpret the enhancer code and specify endodermNg, Calista Keow Leng; Herath, Wishva; Lili, Sun; Hutchins, Andrew P; Robson, Paul; Kolatkar, Prasanna R; Stanton, Lawrence W; Aksoy, Irene; Jauch, Ralf; Chen, Jiaxuan; Dyla, Mateusz; Divakar, Ushashree; Bogu, Gireesh K; Teo, Roy
2018Single-cell transcriptome analysis reveals estrogen signaling coordinately augments one-carbon, polyamine, and purine synthesis in breast cancerZhu, Detu; Zhao, Zuxianglan; Cui, Guimei; Chang, Shiehong; Hu, Lingling; See, Yi Xiang; Lim, Michelle Gek Liang; Guo, Dajiang; Chen, Xin; Robson, Paul; Luo, Yumei; Cheung, Edwin