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2017Alternative polyadenylation expands the mRNA isoform repertoire of human CD46Ly, Phuong Thao; Tang, Sze Jing; Roca, Xavier
2018Alternative splicing analysis in human monocytes and macrophages reveals MBNL1 as major regulatorLorenzini, Paolo A.; Wong, Mei Su M.; Liu, Hongfei; Zhang, Fan; Xu, Shaohai; Zheng, Jie; Roca, Xavier
2007Antisense oligonucleotide-induced alternative splicing of the APOB mRNA generates a novel isoform of APOBKrainer, Adrian R.; Chew, Shern L.; Khoo, Bernard; Roca, Xavier
2016Characterization of the regulation of CD46 RNA alternative splicingTang, Sze Jing; Luo, Shufang; Ly, Phuong Thao; Goh, Eling; Roca, Xavier; Ho, Jessie Jia Xin
2006Comprehensive splice-site analysis using comparative genomicsSheth, Nihar; Roca, Xavier; Roeder, Ted; Sachidanandam, Ravi; Hastings, Michelle L.; Krainer, Adrian R.
1998A dysfunctional desmin mutation in a patient with severe generalized myopathyMunoz-Marmol, Ana M.; Coulombe, Pierre A.; Mate, José L.; Navas-Palacios, José J.; Strasser, Geraldine; Isamat, Marcos; Yang, Yanmin; Roca, Xavier; Vela, Elena; Coll, Jaume; Fernández-Figueras, María Teresa; Ariza, Aurelio; Fuchs, Elaine
1996Expression of CD44H and CD44v3 in normal oesophagus, Barrett mucosa and oesophageal carcinomaCastellà, E.; Fernández-Vasalo, A.; Ojanguren, I.; Ariza, Aurelio; Roca, Xavier
2014Identification of cis-acting elements and splicing factors involved in the regulation of BIM pre-mRNA splicingJuan, Wen Chun; Roca, Xavier; Ong, S. Tiong
2003Intrinsic differences between authentic and cryptic 5' splice sitesKrainer, Adrian R.; Sachidanandam, Ravi; Roca, Xavier
2016Noncanonical registers and base pairs in human 5′ splice-site selectionTan, Jiazi; Ho, Jessie Jia Xin; Zhong, Zhensheng; Luo, Shufang; Chen, Gang; Roca, Xavier
2017Overcoming imatinib resistance conferred by the BIM deletion polymorphism in chronic myeloid leukemia with splice-switching antisense oligonucleotidesLiu, Jun; Tan, Cheryl Weiqi; Rigo, Frank; Ong, S. Tiong; Bhadra, Malini; Sinnakannu, Joanna Rajeswary; Yue, Wan Lin; Roca, Xavier
2013Pick one, but be quick : 5' splice sites and the problems of too many choicesRoca, Xavier; Krainer, Adrian R.; Eperon, Ian C.
2009Recognition of atypical 5' splice sites by shifted base-pairing to U1 snRNAKrainer, Adrian R.; Roca, Xavier
 2012RNA biology in a test tube-an overview of in vitro systems/assaysRoca, Xavier; Karginov, Fedor V.
2019RNA secondary structure-based design of antisense peptide nucleic acids for modulating disease-associated aberrant tau pre-mRNA alternative splicingOng, Alan Ann Lerk; Tan, Jiazi; Bhadra, Malini; Dezanet, Clément; Patil, Kiran M.; Chong, Mei Sian; Kierzek, Ryszard; Decout, Jean-Luc; Roca, Xavier; Chen, Gang
2018Viable mice with extensive gene humanization (25-kbp) created using embryonic stem cell/blastocyst and CRISPR/zygote injection approachesLeidy-Davis, Tiffany; Cheng, Kai; Goodwin, Leslie O.; Morgan, Judith L.; Juan, Wen Chun; Roca, Xavier; Ong, S. Tiong; Bergstrom, David E.
2012Widespread recognition of 5' splice sites by noncanonical base-pairing to U1 snRNA involving bulged nucleotidesBennett, C. Frank; Roca, Xavier; Akerman, Martin; Gaus, Hans; Berdeja, Andrés; Krainer, Adrian R.