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 2000Active parasitic folds on the Elysian Park anticline : implications for seismic hazard in central Los Angeles, CaliforniaOskin, Michael; Sieh, Kerry; Curtis, Matthew; McArdle, Steve; Miller, Grant; Guptill, Paul; Elliot, Paul; Rockwell, Thomas K.
 1997Active tectonics, paleoseismology and seismic hazards of the Hollywood fault, northern Los Angeles basin, CaliforniaSieh, Kerry; Guptill, Paul; Miller, Grant; Dolan, James F.; Rockwell, Thomas K.
2022The late Holocene history of Lake Cahuilla : two thousand years of repeated fillings within the Salton Trough, Imperial Valley, CaliforniaRockwell, Thomas K.; Meltzner, Aron J.; Haaker, Erik C.; Madugo, Danielle
 2000Late quaternary activity and seismic potential of the Santa Monica fault system, Los Angeles, CaliforniaSieh, Kerry; Dolan, James F.; Rockwell, Thomas K.
 2003Paleoseismic evidence of characteristic slip on the Western segment of the North anatolian fault, TurkeyKlinger, Yann; Sieh, Kerry; Altunel, E.; Akoglu, A.; Barka, A.; Dawson, T.; Gonzalez, T.; Meltzner, Aron J.; Rockwell, Thomas K.
 1995Prospects for larger or more frequent earthquakes in the Los Angeles metropolitan regionSieh, Kerry; Suppe, John; Dolan, James F.; Rockwell, Thomas K.; Yeats, Robert S.; Huftile, Gary J.; Gath, Eldon M.; Shaw, John H.
2014Structure and seismic hazard of the ventura avenue anticline and ventura fault, California : prospect for large, multisegment ruptures in the western transverse rangesHubbard, Judith; Shaw, John H.; Dolan, James; Pratt, Thomas L.; McAuliffe, Lee; Rockwell, Thomas K.