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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2022Anticipated guilt and anti-littering civic engagement in an extended norm activation modelRosenthal, Sonny; Yu, Max S. C.
2014Applying the theory of planned behavior and media dependency theory : predictors of public pro-environmental behavioral intentions in SingaporeHo, Shirley S.; Liao, Youqing; Rosenthal, Sonny
2016Audience Prototypes and Asymmetric Efficacy BeliefsRosenthal, Sonny
2016Audience Segmentation for Campaign Design: Addressing Climate Change in SingaporeDetenber, Benjamin H.; Rosenthal, Sonny; Liao, Youqing; Ho, Shirley S.
 2022Balancing learning and enjoyment in serious games: Kerbal Space Program and the communication mediation modelRosenthal, Sonny; Ratan, Rabindra A.
2014Changing views on media ethics and societal functions among students in SingaporeRosenthal, Sonny; Detenber, Benjamin H.
2012Clustered subsampling for clinically informed diagnostic brain mappingBjornsdotter, Malin; Sona, Diego; Rosenthal, Sonny; Dauwels, Justin
2021Effects of bin proximity and informational prompts on recycling and contaminationRosenthal, Sonny; Linder, Noah
2015Efficacy beliefs in third-person effectsRosenthal, Sonny; Detenber, Benjamin H.; Rojas, Hernando
2020Experiencing live composite video lectures : comparisons with traditional lectures and common video lecture methodsRosenthal, Sonny; Walker, Zachary
2019Explicating perceived sustainability-related climate : a situational motivator of pro-environmental behaviorLeung, Yan Wah; Rosenthal, Sonny
2021Internal and external factors' influence on recycling: insights from a laboratory experiment with observed behaviorLinder, Noah; Rosenthal, Sonny; Sörqvist, Patrik; Barthel, Stephan
2013Measuring differentials in communication research : issues with multicollinearity in three methodsRosenthal, Sonny
2020Minding other people's business : community attachment and anticipated negative emotion in an extended norm activation modelRosenthal, Sonny; Ho, Kang Leng
2018Motivations to seek science videos on YouTube : free-choice learning in a connected societyRosenthal, Sonny
2019Perceived influence of proenvironmental testimonialsRosenthal, Sonny; Dahlstrom, Michael Field
2018Predictors and outcomes of nurses’ use of smartphones for work purposesBautista, John Robert; Rosenthal, Sonny; Lin, Trisha T.C.; Theng, Yin Leng
2018Psychometric evaluation of the Smartphone for Clinical Work Scale to measure nurses’ use of smartphones for work purposesBautista, John Robert; Rosenthal, Sonny; Lin, Trisha Tsui-Chuan; Theng, Yin-Leng
2018Public support for censorship in a highly regulated media environment : the influence of self-construal and third-person perception over timeDetenber, Benjamin H.; Rosenthal, Sonny
2020Reputation cues as signals in the sharing economyRosenthal, Sonny; Tan, Colette Jean Yi; Poh, Ting Fang