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 2011An adaptive differential evolution algorithm with novel mutation and crossover strategies for global numerical optimizationSuganthan, P. N.; Ghosh, Saurav; Roy, Subhrajit; Islam, Sk. Minhazul; Das, Swagatam
 2011A differential covariance matrix adaptation evolutionary algorithm for real parameter optimizationGhosh, Saurav; Das, Swagatam; Roy, Subhrajit; Minhazul Islam, S. K.; Suganthan, P. N.
2013Hardware efficient, neuromorphic dendritically enhanced readout for liquid state machinesRoy, Subhrajit; Basu, Arindam; Hussain, Shaista
2016Learning spike time codes through supervised and unsupervised structural plasticityRoy, Subhrajit
2014Liquid state machine with dendritically enhanced readout for low-power, neuromorphic VLSI implementationsRoy, Subhrajit; Banerjee, Amitava; Basu, Arindam
2016A Low-voltage, Low power STDP Synapse implementation using Domain-Wall Magnets for Spiking Neural NetworksNarasimman, Govind; Roy, Subhrajit; Fong, Xuanyao; Roy, Kaushik; Chang, Chip-Hong; Basu, Arindam
2016An Online Unsupervised Structural Plasticity Algorithm for Spiking Neural NetworksRoy, Subhrajit; Basu, Arindam