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 2003The 2002 Denali fault earthquake, Alaska : a large magnitude, slip-partitioned eventEberhart-Phillips, Donna; Haeussler, Peter J.; Freymueller, Jeffrey T.; Frankel, Arthur D.; Rubin, Charles M.; Craw, Patricia; Ratchkovski, Natalia A.; Carver, Gary A.; Crone, Anthony J.; Dawson, Timothy E.; Fletcher, Hilary; Hansen, Roger; Harp, Edwin L.; Harris, Ruth A.; Hill, David P.; Hreinsdóttir, Sigrún; Jibson, Randall W.; Jones, Lucile M.; Kayen, Robert; Keefer, David K.; Larsen, Christopher F.; Moran, Seth C.; Personius, Stephen F.; Plafker, George; Sherrod, Brian; Sieh, Kerry; Sitar, Nicholas; Wallace, Wesley K.; Anderson, Greg
2017Highly variable recurrence of tsunamis in the 7,400 years before the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunamiRubin, Charles M.; Horton, Benjamin P.; Sieh, Kerry; Pilarczyk, Jessica E.; Daly, Patrick; Ismail, Nazli; Parnell, Andrew C.
 2012Interseismic deformation and earthquake hazard along the southernmost longitudinal valley fault, eastern TaiwanChuang, Ray Y.; Shyu, J. Bruce H.; Rubin, Charles M.; Miller, M. Meghan; Chen, Yue-Gau; Chen, Horng-Yue; Yu, Shui-Beih; Sieh, Kerry; Chung, Ling-Ho
2009Kinematic behavior of southern Alaska constrained by westward decreasing postglacial slip rates on the Denali Fault, AlaskaMériaux, Anne-Sophie; Sieh, Kerry; Taylor, M. H.; Rubin, Charles M.; Meltzner, Aron J.; Ryerson, Frederick J.; Finkel, Robert C.
1997Long dormancy, low slip rate, and similar slip-per-event for the Emerson fault, eastern California shear zoneSieh, Kerry; Rubin, Charles M.
 1993Near-field investigations of the Landers earthquake sequence, April to July 1992Hauksson, Egill; Hudnut, Kenneth; Eberhart-Phillips, Donna; Heaton, Thomas; Sieh, Kerry; Hough, Susan; Hutton, Kate; Kanamori, Hiroo; Lilje, Anne; Lindvall, Scott; Stock, Joann; Thio, Hong Kie; Treiman, Jerome; Zachariasen, Judith; McGill, Sally F.; Mori, James.; Spotila, James A.; Jones, Lucile M.; Rubin, Charles M.; Wernicke, Brian P.
2014Penultimate predecessors of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami in Aceh, Sumatra : stratigraphic, archeological, and historical evidenceHorton, Benjamin P.; Vane, Christopher H.; Feener, R. Michael; Rubin, Charles M.; Shen, Chuan-Chou; Ismail, Nazli; Sieh, Kerry; Daly, Patrick; McKinnon, E. Edwards; Pilarczyk, Jessica E.; Chiang, Hong-Wei
2003Quantitative analysis of movement along an earthquake thrust scarp : a case study of a vertical exposure of the 1999 surface rupture of the Chelungpu fault at Wufeng, Western TaiwanRubin, Charles M.; Lee, Jian-Cheng; Mueller, Karl; Chen, Yue-Gau; Chan, Yu-Chang; Sieh, Kerry; Chu, Hao-Tsu; Chen, Wen-Shan
2006Serial ruptures of the San Andreas fault, Carrizo Plain, California, revealed by three-dimensional excavationsSeitz, Gordon; Jing, Liu Zeng; Klinger, Yann; Sieh, Kerry; Rubin, Charles M.
 2004Six similar sequential ruptures of the San Andreas fault, Carrizo Plain, CaliforniaLiu, Jing; Klinger, Yann; Sieh, Kerry; Rubin, Charles M.
 2012Stratigraphic evidence for an early Holocene earthquake in Aceh, IndonesiaGrand Pre, Candace A.; Horton, Benjamin P.; Kelsey, Harvey M.; Rubin, Charles M.; Hawkes, Andrea D.; Daryono, Mudrik R.; Rosenberg, Gary.; Culver, Stephen J.
 2001A vertical exposure of the 1999 surface rupture of the Chelungpu Fault at Wufeng, Western Taiwan : structural and paleoseismic implications for an active thrust faultYeats, Robert S.; Rubin, Charles M.; Lee, Jian-Cheng; Chen, Yue-Gau; Sieh, Kerry; Mueller, Karl; Chen, Wen-Shan; Chu, Hao-Tsu; Chan, Yu-Chang