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 2013Adult literacy, heterogeneity and returns to schooling in Chile †Sakellariou, Christos; Patrinos, Harry Anthony
 2012Are cognitive skills relevant in gender earnings decompositions?Sakellariou, Christos
 2012Central government versus private sector wages and cognitive skills: evidence using endogenous switching regressionSakellariou, Christos
 2009Child labor and schooling in the Philippines : evidence from a large nationwide surveySakellariou, Christos
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2005Computers and language skills : wage premiums in Vietnam.Liu, Meng Yiu.; Pei, Yuh Chieh.; Tham, Teresa Anne Jhia Wei.
2013Discrimination in the Equilibrium Search Model with Wage-Tenure ContractsFang, Zheng; Sakellariou, Christos
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2003Estimating social returns to education using Singapore data.Wu, Zhen.
 2015Living standards inequality between migrants and local residents in urban china-a quantile decompositionFang, Zheng; Sakellariou, Christos
2000Returns to education in Singapore.Chia, Travis Wei Heong.; Goh, Hwee Cheng.; Tan, Wei Keong.
2005Returns to formal vs. vocational education for men and women.Kang, Janice Qiu Fang.; Koh, Angela.; Sreemurugavel Vanitha.
2015Returns to schooling for urban and migrant workers in China: a detailed investigationSakellariou, Christos; Fang, Zheng
2001Study of customer's perception and motivation on online purchasing.Goh, Hweee Hoon.; Goh, Su Twan.; Chew, Weng Keong.
 2012Unconditional quantile regressions, wage growth and inequality in the Philippines, 2001–2006: the contribution of covariatesSakellariou, Christos