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2016Expression of N-WASP is regulated by HiF1α through the hypoxia response element in the N-WASP promoterSalvi, Amrita; Thanabalu, Thirumaran
2022N-WASP attenuates cell proliferation and migration through ERK2-dependent enhanced expression of TXNIPChung, Yat Joong; Salvi, Amrita; Kalailingam, Pazhanichamy; Alnawaz, Myra; Tan, Suat Hoon; Pan, Jiun Yit; Tan, Nguan Soon; Thanabalu, Thirumaran
 2016WIP promotes in-vitro invasion ability, anchorage independent growth and EMT progression of A549 lung adenocarcinoma cells by regulating RhoA levelsSalvi, Amrita; Thanabalu, Thirumaran