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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Australia under Abbott : what it means for the regionSam, Bateman
2016Australia’s New Defence White Paper: Is It Achievable?Sam, Bateman
2011Australia’s operation sovereign borders : risks for Australia-Indonesia relationsSam, Bateman
2016Australia’s Submarine Decision: A Matter of Grand StrategySam, Bateman
2015Australia’s Turnbull Government: Big Changes Coming?Sam, Bateman
2010Bay of Bengal : a new sea of troubles?Sam, Bateman
2013Cooperation or trust : what comes first in the South China Sea?Sam, Bateman
2011Ensuring safety at sea : the Southern Ocean and the South China SeaSam, Bateman
2013Grounding of USS guardian in Philippines : longer-term implicationsSam, Bateman
2015Impact of lower oil prices : increased piracy in regional watersSam, Bateman
2011Looking west : Australian defence force posture reviewSam, Bateman
2015Maritime security of passenger ships : what can be done?Sam, Bateman
2011MV Rena : dealing with sub-standard shippingSam, Bateman
2014New tension in the South China Sea : whose sovereignty over paracels?Sam, Bateman
2014Piracy in Southeast Asia : the current situationSam, Bateman
2015Political hijinks : Australia’s submarine programme deadlocked?Sam, Bateman
2014Resolution of Bangladesh-India maritime boundary : model for South China Sea disputes?Sam, Bateman
2010Riding shotgun : armed security guards onboard merchant shipsSam, Bateman
2010The South China Sea : when the elephants danceSam, Bateman
2010Terror in the Malacca Strait : the risks of overreactionSam, Bateman