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 2022Efficient scaling of window function expressed as sum of exponentialsLim, Yong Ching; Liu, Qinglai; Diniz, Paulo S. R.; Saramäki, Tapio
2007FRM-based FIR filters with optimum finite word-length performanceLim, Yong Ching; Yu, Ya Jun; Teo, Kok Lay; Saramäki, Tapio
2005Optimum masking levels and coefficient sparseness for Hilbert transformers and half-band filters designed using the frequency-response masking techniqueLim, Yong Ching; Yu, Ya Jun; Saramäki, Tapio
2020Use of common parts in masking filters for complexity reduction in FRM-based FIR filtersSaramäki, Tapio; Liu, Qinglai; Lim, Yong Ching