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2018Are the motivational effects of autonomy-supportive conditions universal? Contrasting results among Indians and AmericansTripathi, Ritu; Cervone, Daniel; Savani, Krishna
2017Choosing one at a time? Presenting options simultaneously helps people make more optimal decisions than presenting options sequentiallyBasu, Shankha; Savani, Krishna
2017Do you always choose what you like? Subtle social cues increase preference-choice consistency among Japanese but not among AmericansUchida, Yukiko; Savani, Krishna; Hitokoto, Hidefumi; Kaino, Koichi
2018Does deciding among morally relevant options feel like making a choice? How morality constrains people’s sense of choice.Kouchaki, Maryam; Smith, Isaac H.; Savani, Krishna
2015Leveraging Mindsets to Promote Academic AchievementRattan, Aneeta; Savani, Krishna; Chugh, Dolly; Dweck, Carol S.
2016No match for money: Even in intimate relationships and collectivistic cultures, reminders of money weaken sociomoral responsesSavani, Krishna; Mead, Nicole L.; Stillman, Tyler; Vohs, Kathleen D.
2018People in more racially diverse neighborhoods are more prosocialNai, Jared; Narayanan, Jayanth; Hernandez, Ivan; Savani, Krishna
2015Perceiving outcomes as determined by external forces: The role of event construal in attenuating the outcome biasSavani, Krishna; King, Dan
2017Reverse ego-depletion: Acts of self-control can improve subsequent performance in Indian cultural contextsSavani, Krishna; Job, Veronika
2017When can culturally diverse teams be more creative? The role of leaders' benevolent paternalismLu, Lin; Li, Fuli; Leung, Kwok; Savani, Krishna; Morris, Michael W.
2014When norms loom larger than the self: Susceptibility of preference–choice consistency to normative influence across culturesSavani, Krishna; Wadhwa, Monica; Uchida, Yukiko; Ding, Yu; Naidu, N. V. R.