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2018Biological corneal inlay for presbyopia derived from small incision lenticule extraction (SMILE)Liu, Yu-Chi; Teo, Ericia Pei Wen; Ang, Heng Pei; Seah, Xin Yi; Lwin, Nyein Chan; Yam, Gary Hin Fai; Mehta, Jodhbir Singh
2015The effects of Rho-associated kinase inhibitor Y-27632 on primary human corneal endothelial cells propagated using a dual media approachPeh, Gary S. L.; Adnan, Khadijah; George, Benjamin L.; Ang, Heng Pei; Seah, Xin Yi; Tan, Donald T.; Mehta, Jodhbir Singh
2016Recycled thermoplastics composites <Recycling parameters and recovered mechanical properties in novel thermoplastics sports composites>Seah, Xin Yi