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2021Effect of geometrical design on the latent heat cooling properties of a lightweight two-phase compositeSeetoh, Ian Peiyuan; Jovin, Daniel; Lai, Chang Quan
 2022Extremely stiff and lightweight auxetic metamaterial designs enabled by asymmetric strut cross-sectionsSeetoh, Ian Peiyuan; Leong, Brendon; Yi, Edmon Lee; Markandan, Kalaimani; Kanaujia, Pawan K.; Lai, Chang Quan
 2022Machine learning assisted investigation of defect influence on the mechanical properties of additively manufactured architected materialsHu, Erhai; Seetoh, Ian Peiyuan; Lai, Chang Quan
2021Mechanical anisotropy of graphene nanocomposites induced by graphene alignment during stereolithography 3D printingMarkandan, Kalaimani; Seetoh, Ian Peiyuan; Lai, Chang Quan
2021Strength and energy absorption characteristics of Ti6Al4V auxetic 3D anti-tetrachiral metamaterialsSeetoh, Ian Peiyuan; Liu, Xinyi; Markandan, Kalaimani; Zhen, Lu; Lai, Chang Quan