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20181.5°C Too Soon : More Must Be DoneSembiring, Margareth
2017Build Back Greener: Climate Change & Humanitarian ResponseSembiring, Margareth; Cook, Alistair David Blair
2014Can ASEAN develop a robust nuclear energy regime?Mely Caballero-Anthony; Cook, Alistair David Blair; Trajano, Julius Cesar I.; Sembiring, Margareth
2019Climate Change : Re-assessing Current ApproachesSembiring, Margareth
2016Climate Change and Renewable Energy: Mitigation or Vulnerability?Sembiring, Margareth
2016Climate Change, Disaster Risk Reduction and Gender: The Southeast Asia ExperienceSembiring, Margareth
2016Combating Haze: Holding One’s Breath A Year OnSembiring, Margareth
2018COP24 and the Silesia Declaration : Impact on Palm OilSembiring, Margareth
2020Global Health Security – Migrant Domestic Workers : Their COVID-19 BurdensSembiring, Margareth
2015Here Comes the Haze, Yet Again: Are New Measures Working?Sembiring, Margareth
2016International disasters in Asia Pacific: Indonesia's civil-military responsesSembiring, Margareth; Lassa, Jonatan A.
2017Protecting Our Seas - Climate Change Adaptation: Case of South China SeaSembiring, Margareth
2016The Rise of Trump and Its Global Implications - Trump’s Impending U-turn on Climate Change: Worry for Southeast Asia?Sembiring, Margareth
2014The sustainability of nuclear energy in Southeast Asia: opportunities and challengesCook, Alistair David Blair; Caballero-Anthony, Mely; Trajano, Julius Cesar I.; Sembiring, Margareth