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2012Concept of image based Non-Line-of-Sight (NLOS) localization in multipath environmentsChen, Si Wen; Seow, Chee Kiat; Wen, Kai
 2020An indoor localization and tracking system using successive weighted RSS projectionWen, Kai; Seow, Chee Kiat; Tan, Soon Yim
2009Localization in multipath environmentsSeow, Chee Kiat
2012A novel 3D ray-tracing model for precise mobile localization applicationSeow, Chee Kiat; Ang, Teng Wah; Wen, Kai
2012Peer-to-peer non-line-of-sight localization in multipath environmentWen, Kai; Seow, Chee Kiat; Chen, Si Wen
2013Performance of MIMO radar using two-way musicDe Silva, Pasan; Seow, Chee Kiat
2013Single reference mobile localisation in multipath environmentChen, S. W.; Tan, Soon Yim; Seow, Chee Kiat