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2015Catching the bound states in the continuum of a phantom atom in grapheneGuessi, L. H.; Machado, R. S.; Marques, Y.; Ricco, L. S.; Kristinsson, K.; Yoshida, M.; de Souza, M.; Seridonio, A. C.; Shelykh, Ivan
2015Quantum phase transition triggering magnetic bound states in the continuum in grapheneKristinsson, Kristinn; Shelykh, Ivan A.; Guessi, L. H.; Marques, Y.; Machado, R. S.; Ricco, L. S.; Figueira, M. S.; de Souza, M.; Seridonio, A. C.
2014Spin-dependent beating patterns in thermoelectric properties : filtering the carriers of the heat flux in a Kondo adatom systemSeridonio, A. C.; Siqueira, E. C.; Franco, R.; Silva-Valencia, J.; Shelykh, I. A.; Figueira, M. S.