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 2013Ballistic impact on bi-layer alumina/aluminium armor : a semi-analytical approachChi, Runqiang; Serjouei, Ahmad; Sridhar, Idapalapati; Tan, Geoffrey E. B.
2009Creation of a sensor to measure strain of highly deformable solidsSerjouei, Ahmad
 2017Criterion for interface defeat to penetration transition of long rod projectile impact on ceramic armorZhang, Xianfeng; Serjouei, Ahmad; Sridhar, Idapalapati
2013An empirical model for the ballistic limit of bi-layer ceramic/metal armourSerjouei, Ahmad; Chi, Runqiang; Sridhar, Idapalapati; Tan, Geoffrey E.B.
2017Influence of Geometry and Hardness of the Backing Plate on Ballistic Performance of Bi-Layer Ceramic ArmorGour, Govind; Serjouei, Ahmad; Sridhar, Idapalapati
 2012On the design of bi-layer armor materialsSerjouei, Ahmad; Sridhar, Idapalapati; Wong, Ee Hua