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 20183D particle-based DEM investigation into the shear behaviour of incipient rock joints with various geometries of rock bridgesShang, Junlong; Zhao, Zhiye; Hu, Jianhua; Handley K.
 2021Assessing fluid flow in rough rock fractures based on machine learning and electrical circuit modelXiao, Fei; Shang, Junlong; Wanniarachchi, Ayal; Zhao, Zhiye
2019Assessing the uniaxial compressive strength of extremely hard cryptocrystalline flintAliyu, Mohammed M.; Shang, Junlong; Murphy, William; Lawrence, James Anthony; Collier, Rirchard; Kong, Fanmeng; Zhao, Z.
 2019Bond-slip modeling of a CMC rockbolt element using 2D-DDA methodNie, Wen; Zhao, Zhiye; Guo, Wei; Shang, Junlong; Wu, Chuangzhou
 2018Broad-spectrum fracture toughness of an anisotropic sandstone under mixed-mode loadingShang, Junlong; Gui, Yilin; Zhao, Zhiye
 2020Combined effects of cyclic load and temperature fluctuation on the mechanical behavior of porous sandstonesWang, Fei; Cao, Ping; Wang, Yixian; Hao, Ruiqing; Meng, Jingling; Shang, Junlong
 2019DDA based grouting prediction and linkage between fracture aperture distribution and grouting characteristicsXiao, Fei; Shang, Junlong; Zhao, Zhiye
 2018DEM simulation of mortar-bolt interface behaviour subjected to shearingShang, Junlong; Yokota, Yasuhiro; Zhao, Zhiye; Dang, Wengang
 2019Effect of bolt configuration on the interface behaviour between a rock bolt and bond material : a comprehensive DDA investigationYokota, Yasuhiro; Zhao, Zhiye; Shang, Junlong; Nie, Wen; Date, Kensuke; Iwano, Keita; Okada, Yuko
 2018Numerical investigation of the direct tensile behaviour of laminated and transversely isotropic rocks containing incipient bedding planes with different strengthsShang, Junlong; Duan, Kang; Gui, Yilin; Handley, Kirk; Zhao, Zhiye
2019Numerical study of the circular opening effect on mechanical behaviour of rock under confinementGui, Yi Lin; Shang, Junlong; Ma, Jia Jun; Zhao, Zhi Ye
 2018On the shear failure of incipient rock discontinuities under CNL and CNS boundary conditions : insights from DEM modellingShang, Junlong; Zhao, Zhiye; Ma, S.
2020Rupture of veined granite in polyaxial compression : insights from three-dimensional discrete element method modelingShang, Junlong
2017Tensile strength of large-scale incipient rock joints : a laboratory investigationWest, L. J.; Hencher, S. R.; Shang, Junlong; Zhao, Zhiye
 2018A validation study for the estimation of uniaxial compressive strength based on index testsKong, Fanmeng; Shang, Junlong