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2022Debonding of bonded composite joints with TEP modified epoxy adhesivesCaglar, Hasan; Sridhar, Idapalapati; Sharma, Mohit; Chian, Kerm Sin
 2022Debonding of carbon fiber veil interleaved adhesively bonded GFRP joints via Joule heatingCaglar, Hasan; Idapalapati, Sridhar; Sharma, Mohit; Chian, Kerm Sin
 2019Effect of TaN intermediate layer on the back contact reaction of sputter-deposited Cu poor Cu2ZnSnS4 and MoZhuk, Siarhei; Wong, Terence Kin Shun; Tyukalova, Elizaveta; Guchhait, Asim; Seng, Debbie Hwee Leng; Tripathy, Sudhiranjan; Wong, Ten It; Sharma, Mohit; Medina, Henry; Duchamp, Martial; Wong, Lydia Helena; Dalapati, Goutam Kumar
 2022Processing and characterization of tailorable 3D-printed acrylonitrile butadiene styrene composites with hybrid buckypapersGackowski, Bartosz Mikolaj; Sharma, Mohit; Idapalapati, Sridhar