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2010Design principles for doing business on second life : an immersive ethnographic studyAzeharie, Reza; Sharma, Ravi S.
2020Digital health eco-systems: an epochal review of practice-oriented researchStephanie, Lena; Sharma, Ravi S.
 2012Exploiting relational capital in family businesses through corporate social responsibilityRatri, Maria I.; Sharma, Ravi S.; Krishnamachari, Archana
2016Health on a cloud: modeling digital flows in an e-health ecosystemStephanie, Felix Lena; Sharma, Ravi S.
2011The impact of electronic word-of-mouth in the distribution of digital goodsPandey, Tushar; Sharma, Ravi S.
2014Intellectual wealth of nations revisited : operationalising the value cycle of innovationChew, Ann-Liang; Bontis, Nick; Sharma, Ravi S.
2013Knowledge dilemmas within organizations : resolutions from game theoryBhattacharya, Suman; Sharma, Ravi S.
2012Knowledge exchanges in the global organization : learning from the genius of Al-BiruniSam, Samraj Praveen; Sharma, Ravi S.
2018A Maturity Model for Digital Literacies and Sustainable DevelopmentSharma, Ravi S.; Malone, Lin G.; Guan, Chong; Dattakumar, Ambica
2011The pervasiveness of mobile data services: do usage and attitudinal divides exist in Asia and North America?Stephanie, Felix Lena; Tan, Margaret; Arroyo, Miguel Morales; Sharma, Ravi S.
2011Realising the strategic impact of business intelligence toolsDjiaw, Vironica; Sharma, Ravi S.
2011Towards a strategic tool for the business modeling of IDM startups : implementing the ADVISOR frameworkSharma, Ravi S.
 2013Trend-casting in the interactive digital media industry : some results and guidelinesYi, Yang; Sharma, Ravi S.
2009A vision for a knowledge society and learning nation : the role of a National Library SystemLim, Sean; Chia, Yew Boon; Sharma, Ravi S.