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2015Catching the bound states in the continuum of a phantom atom in grapheneGuessi, L. H.; Machado, R. S.; Marques, Y.; Ricco, L. S.; Kristinsson, K.; Yoshida, M.; de Souza, M.; Seridonio, A. C.; Shelykh, Ivan
2015Optical bistability in electrically driven polariton condensatesShelykh, Ivan; Kavokin, A. V.; Schneider, C.; Höfling, S.; Amthor, Matthias; Liew, Timothy Chi Hin; Metzger, C.; Brodbeck, S.; Worschech, L.; Kamp, M.
2014Optically induced Aharonov-Bohm effect in mesoscopic ringsSigurdsson, H.; Kibis, O. V.; Shelykh, Ivan
2017Topological edge-state engineering with high-frequency electromagnetic radiationHasan, Mehedi; Yudin, Dmitry; Iorsh, Ivan; Eriksson, Olle; Shelykh, Ivan