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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Aharonov-Bohm effect for excitons in a semiconductor quantum ring dressed by circularly polarized lightKibis, Oleg Vasilyevich; Sigurdsson, Helgi; Shelykh, Ivan A.
2012Asymmetric quantum dot in a microcavity as a nonlinear optical elementSavenko, I. G.; Kibis, O. V.; Shelykh, Ivan A.
2012BCS pairing in fully repulsive fermion mixturesEspinosa-Ortega, Tania.; Kyriienko, Oleksandr.; Shelykh, Ivan A.
2014Bistability in microcavities with incoherent optical or electrical excitationKyriienko, Oleksandr; Ostrovskaya, E. A.; Egorov, O. A.; Shelykh, Ivan A.; Liew, Timothy Chi Hin
2012Comparing resonant photon tunneling via cavity modes and Tamm plasmon polariton modes in metal-coated Bragg mirrorsLeosson, K.; Shayestehaminzadeh, S.; Tryggvason, T. K.; Kossoy, A.; Agnarsson, B.; Magnus, F.; Olafsson, S.; Gudmundsson, J. T.; Magnusson, E. B.; Shelykh, Ivan A.
2013Continuous terahertz emission from dipolaritonsKristinsson, Kristinn; Kyriienko, Oleksandr; Liew, Timothy Chi Hin; Shelykh, Ivan A.
2016Control of electronic transport in graphene by electromagnetic dressingKristinsson, Kristinn; Kibis, Oleg V.; Morina, Skender; Shelykh, Ivan A.
2015Control of spin dynamics in a two-dimensional electron gas by electromagnetic dressingPervishko, A. A.; Kibis, Oleg V.; Shelykh, Ivan A.; Morina, Skender
 2013An electrically pumped polariton laserSchneider, Christian; Rahimi-Iman, Arash; Kim, Na Young; Fischer, Julian; Amthor, Matthias; Lermer, Matthias; Wolf, Adriana; Worschech, Lukas; Kamp, Martin; Reitzenstein, Stephan; Forchel, Alfred; Yamamoto, Yoshihisa; Höfling, Sven; Kulakovskii, Vladimir D.; Shelykh, Ivan A.; Savenko, Ivan G.
2015Exciton-photon correlations in bosonic condensates of exciton-polaritonsKavokin, Alexey V.; Sheremet, Alexandra S.; Shelykh, Ivan A.; Lagoudakis, Pavlos G.; Rubo, Yuri G.
 2012Functional renormalization group approach to the singlet–triplet transition in quantum dotsShelykh, Ivan A.; Hasselmann, N.; Magnusson, E. B.
2012Hall effect for indirect excitons in an inhomogeneous magnetic fieldArnardottir, K. B.; Kyriienko, Oleksandr.; Shelykh, Ivan A.
2017Hybrid surface waves in two-dimensional Rashba-Dresselhaus materialsYudin, Dmitry; Gulevich, Dmitry R.; Shelykh, Ivan A.
2014Information processing with topologically protected vortex memories in exciton-polariton condensatesSigurdsson, H.; Egorov, O. A.; Ma, X.; Shelykh, Ivan A.; Liew, Timothy Chi Hin
2013Intersubband polaritons with spin-orbit interactionKyriienko, Oleksandr.; Shelykh, Ivan A.
2016Lasing in Bose-Fermi mixturesKochereshko, Vladimir P.; Durnev, Mikhail V.; Besombes, Lucien; Mariette, Henri; Sapega, Victor F.; Askitopoulos, Alexis; Savenko, Ivan G.; Liew, Timothy Chi Hin; Shelykh, Ivan A.; Platonov, Alexey V.; Tsintzos, Simeon I.; Hatzopoulos, Z.; Savvidis, Pavlos G.; Kalevich, Vladimir K.; Afanasiev, Mikhail M.; Lukoshkin, Vladimir A.; Schneider, Christian; Amthor, Matthias; Metzger, Christian; Kamp, Martin; Hoefling, Sven; Lagoudakis, Pavlos; Kavokin, Alexey
2013Magnetic field control of the optical spin Hall effectLiew, Timothy Chi Hin; Shelykh, Ivan A.; Morina, Skender
 2016Microcavity with saturable nonlinearity under simultaneous resonant and nonresonant pumping: multistability, Hopf bifurcations and chaotic behaviourIorsh, Ivan; Alodjants, Alexander; Shelykh, Ivan A.
2013Nonlinear effects in multi-photon polaritonicsLiew, Timothy Chi Hin; Pervishko, A. A.; Kovalev, V. M.; Savenko, I. G.; Shelykh, Ivan A.
2013One-dimensional Van Hove polaritonsArnardottir, K. B.; Kyriienko, Oleksandr.; Portnoi, M. E.; Shelykh, Ivan A.