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2018Bootstrapping the performance of webly supervised semantic segmentationShen, Tong; Lin, Guosheng; Shen, Chunhua; Reid, Ian
2019CANet : class-agnostic segmentation networks with iterative refinement and attentive few-shot learningZhang, Chi; Lin, Guosheng; Liu, Fayao; Yao, Rui; Shen, Chunhua
2020DeepEMD : few-shot image classification with differentiable Earth Mover’s Distance and structured classifiersZhang, Chi; Cai, Yujun; Lin, Guosheng; Shen, Chunhua
2017Exploring context with deep structured models for semantic segmentationvan den Hengel, Anton; Lin, Guosheng; Shen, Chunhua; Reid, Ian
2018Semantics-aware visual object trackingShen, Chunhua; Yao, Rui; Lin, Guosheng; Zhang, Yanning; Shi, Qinfeng
2017Structured learning of tree potentials in CRF for image segmentationLiu, Fayao; Lin, Guosheng; Qiao, Ruizhi; Shen, Chunhua