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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201020 questions website for kidsHu, Ze.
 2013Adaptive goal selection for agents in dynamic environmentsZhang, Huiliang; Luo, Xudong; Shen, Zhiqi; You, Jin; Miao, Chun Yan
 2012Authoring educational games through affective teachable agentAiliya; Shen, Zhiqi; Miao, Chun Yan
2018Blockchain and IoT based food traceability for smart agricultureLin, Jun; Shen, Zhiqi; Zhang, Anting; Chai, Yueting
2018Building ethics into artificial intelligenceYu, Han; Shen, Zhiqi; Miao, Chunyan; Leung, Cyril; Lesser, Victor Richard; Yang, Qiang
2017Compressing Trajectory for Trajectory IndexingFeng, Kaiyu; Shen, Zhiqi
2019Computing argumentative explanations in bipolar argumentation frameworksMiao, Chunyan; Leung, Cyril; Shen, Zhiqi; Chin, Jing Jih; Zeng, Zhiwei
2017A dataset of human decision-making in teamwork managementYu, Han; Shen, Zhiqi; Miao, Chunyan; Leung, Cyril; Chen, Yiqiang; Fauvel, Simon; Lin, Jun; Cui, Lizhen; Pan, Zhengxiang; Yang, Qiang
2018Dynamic generation of internet of things organizational structures through evolutionary computingShen, Zhiqi; Yu, Han; Yu, Ling; Miao, Chunyan; Chen, Yiqiang; Lesser, Victor R.
2022Effectiveness and usability of the system for assessment and intervention of frailty for community-dwelling pre-frail older adults: a pilot studyTan, Ren Siang; Goh, Eileen Fabia; Wang, Di; Chan, Robin Chung Leung; Zeng, Zhiwei; Yeo, Audrey; Pek, Kalene; Kua, Joanne; Wong, Wei Chin; Shen, Zhiqi; Lim, Wee Shiong
2020Explainable and argumentation-based decision making with qualitative preferences for diagnostics and prognostics of Alzheimer's DiseaseZeng, Zhiwei; Shen, Zhiqi; Tan, Benny Toh Hsiang; Chin, Jing Jih; Leung, Cyril; Wang, Yu; Chi, Ying; Miao, Chunyan
2018Fall detection with unobtrusive infrared array sensorsFan, Xiuyi; Zhang, Huiguo; Leung, Cyril; Shen, Zhiqi
2021Goal modelling for deep reinforcement learning agentsLeung, Jonathan; Shen, Zhiqi; Zeng, Zhiwei; Miao, Chunyan
2005Goal-oriented modeling for intelligent agents and their applicationsShen, Zhiqi
 2012Intrinsically motivated agent for service management in smart homesZhao, Guopeng; Ailiya; Shen, Zhiqi
 2012Kemnad : a knowledge engineering methodology for negotiating agent developmentLuo, Xudong; He, Minghua; Shen, Zhiqi; Zhang, Minjie; Jennings, Nicholas R.; Miao, Chun Yan
 2012Learning-by-teaching : designing teachable agents with intrinsic motivationAiliya; Zhao, Guopeng; Shen, Zhiqi
2022Mobile device: a useful tool to teach inhaler devices to healthcare professionalsPuah, Ser Hon; Goh, Chee Yen; Chan, Chung Leung; Teoh, Amy Kui Jie; Zhang, Hao; Shen, Zhiqi; Neo, Lay Ping
2021Ping pong : an exergame for cognitive inhibition trainingZhang, Hao; Shen, Zhiqi; Liu, Siyuan; Yuan, Dazhong; Miao, Chunyan
 2012Probabilistic-based scheduling for runtime goal sequence of agentsShen, Zhiqi; Yu, Han; Song, Hengjie; Chen, Yiqiang