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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 20180.2 λ0 thick adaptive retroreflector made of spin-locked metasurfaceYan, Libin; Zhu, Weiming; Muhammad Faeyz Karim; Cai, Hong; Gu, Alex Yuandong; Shen, Zhongxiang; Chong, Peter Han Joo; Kwong, Dim-Lee; Qiu, Cheng-Wei; Liu, Ai Qun
 20172-18 GHz conformal low-profile log-periodic array on a cylindrical conductorChen, Qiaoyu; Hu, Zhenxin; Shen, Zhongxiang; Wu, Wen
20213-D single- and dual-polarized frequency-selective rasorbers with wide absorption bands based on stepped impedance resonatorWang, Yihao; Wang, Min; Shen, Zhongxiang; Wu, Wen
20183D absorptive frequency-selective reflection and transmission structures with dual absorption bandsYu, Yufeng; Luo, Guo Qing; Ahmed Abdelmottaleb Omar; Liu, Xuan; Yu, Weiliang; Hao, Zhang Cheng; Shen, Zhongxiang
20183D band-absorptive frequency selective rasorber : concept and analysisLiu, Qi; Yu, Weiliang; Jin, Huayan; Liao, Zhen; Shen, Zhongxiang; Yu, Yufeng; Luo, Guo Qing
 2020Absorptive coding metasurface with ultrawideband backscattering reductionZhou. Lin; Shen, Zhongxiang
2003Active back scattering RFID : architectural investigationsXu, Tong
2017Adaptable metasurface for dynamic anomalous reflectionYan, L. B.; Zhu, W. M.; Wu, Pin Chieh; Cai, H.; Gu, Y. D.; Chin, Lip Ket; Shen, Zhongxiang; Chong, P. H. J.; Yang, Z. C.; Ser, Wee; Tsai, D. P.; Liu, Ai Qun
2014Analysis of Dyakonov surface waves existing at the interface of an isotropic medium and a conductor-backed uniaxial slabChen, Sipeng; Shen, Zhongxiang; Wu, Wen
2021Angular selectivity based on a double-resonance periodic array of scatterersZhou, Lin; Shen, Zhongxiang
2014Angular-stable polarization rotatorQasim, Ali; Shen, Zhongxiang
2020Aperture antenna embedded notched parallel plate waveguide and its application to dual-polarized 3-D absorptive frequency-selective transmission structureZhang, Binchao; Jin, Cheng; Chen, Ke; Shen, Zhongxiang
 2018Arbitrary and independent polarization control in situ via a single metasurfaceYan, Libin; Zhu, Weiming; Muhammad Faeyz Karim; Cai, Hong; Gu, Alex Yuandong; Shen, Zhongxiang; Chong, Peter Han Joo; Tsai, Din Ping; Kwong, Dim-Lee; Qiu, Cheng-Wei; Liu, Ai Qun
 2020Brewster lens with perfect wave refractionHuang, Hao; Shen, Zhongxiang
2017Broadband and high-efficiency circular polarizer based on planar-helix chiral metamaterialsWang, Jiang; Shen, Zhongxiang; Wu, Wen
2015Broadband and Low-Profile H-Plane Ridged Horn AntennaChen, Zhuozhu; Shen, Zhongxiang
2017Broadband and thin magnetic absorber with non-Foster metasurface for admittance matchingMou, Jinchao; Shen, Zhongxiang
2014Broadband antennas and antenna arraysDou, Wenbin; Shen, Zhongxiang; Li, Xiuping; Xiao, Shaoqiu
 2012Broadband circularly-polarised antenna consisting of four notch slot radiatorsRen, H.; Yu, Y.; Shen, Zhongxiang
2016Cavity-based high-efficiency and wideband 90° polarization rotatorWang, Jiang; Shen, Zhongxiang; Wu, Wen