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2009Applying ChIP and ChIA-PET to identify p300, CTCF and Lamin B binding sites in stem cellsSheng, Jianpeng
2017A Discrete Subset of Monocyte-Derived Cells among Typical Conventional Type 2 Dendritic Cells Can Efficiently Cross-PresentSheng, Jianpeng; Chen, Qi; Soncin, Irene; Ng, See Liang; Karjalainen, Klaus; Ruedl, Christiane
2015Intestinal CD103+CD11b− dendritic cells restrain colitis via IFN-γ-induced anti-inflammatory response in epithelial cellsMuzaki, Abdul Rashid Bin Mohammad; Tetlak, Piotr; Sheng, Jianpeng; Loh, S C; Setiagani, Yolanda Aphrilia; Poidinger, Michael; Zolezzi, Francesca; Karjalainen, Klaus; Ruedl, Christiane
 2017Long-lived innate IL-17–producing γ/δ T cells modulate antimicrobial epithelial host defense in the colonAbdul Rashid Mohammad Muzaki; Soncin, Irene; Setiagani, Yolanda Aphrilia; Sheng, Jianpeng; Tetlak, Piotr; Karjalainen, Klaus; Ruedl, Christiane
2018Organ-specific fate, recruitment, and refilling dynamics of tissue-resident macrophages during blood-stage MalariaLai, Si Min; Sheng, Jianpeng; Gupta, Pravesh; Renia, Laurent; Duan, Kaibo; Zolezzi, Francesca; Karjalainen, Klaus; Newell, Evan W.; Ruedl, Christiane
2016Tissue macrophage complexity as seen through a novel c-kit(Cre) fate mapping mouseSheng, Jianpeng
2016Tissue-resident CD169 + macrophages form a crucial front line against plasmodium infectionGupta, Pravesh; Lai, Si Min; Sheng, Jianpeng; Tetlak, Piotr; Balachander, Akhila; Claser, Carla; Renia, Laurent; Karjalainen, Klaus; Ruedl, Christiane
2018The tumour microenvironment creates a niche for the self-renewal of tumour-promoting macrophages in colon adenomaSoncin, Irene; Sheng, Jianpeng; Chen, Qi; Foo, Shihui; Duan, Kaibo; Lum, Josephine; Poidinger, Michael; Zolezzi, Francesca; Karjalainen, Klaus; Ruedl, Christiane