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 2018A distributed control architecture for global system economic operation in autonomous hybrid AC/DC microgridsLin, Pengfeng; Jin, Chi; Xiao, Jianfang; Li, Xiaoqiang; Shi, Donghan; Tang, Yi; Wang, Peng
 2020Distributed control of heterogeneous energy storage systems in islanded microgrids : finite-time approach and cyber-physical implementationWang, Yu; Tung Lam Nguyen; Xu, Yan; Shi, Donghan
2014Real time power system simulation using Opal-RTShi, Donghan
2017Reliability Oriented Modeling and Analysis of Vehicular Power Line Communication for Vehicle to Grid (V2G) Information Exchange SystemZhang, Liang; Ma, Huanhuan; Shi, Donghan; Wang, Peng; Cai, Guowei; Liu, Xiaosheng