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2021Atomic configuration controlled photocurrent in van der Waals homostructuresXiong, Ying; Shi, Li-kun; Song, Justin Chien Wen
2020Cooperative orbital moments and edge magnetoresistance in monolayer WTe2Arora, Arpit; Shi, Li-kun; Song, Justin Chien Wen
2019Fermi-arc-induced vortex structure in Weyl beam shiftsChattopadhyay, Udvas; Shi, Li-kun; Zhang, Baile; Song, Justin Chien Wen; Chong, Yi Dong
2021Geometric photon-drag effect and nonlinear shift current in centrosymmetric crystalsShi, Li-kun; Zhang, Dong; Chang, Kai; Song, Justin Chien Wen
2017Large optical conductivity of Dirac semimetal Fermi arc surface statesShi, Li-kun; Song, Justin Chien Wen
2019Nontrivial quantum oscillation geometric phase shift in a trivial bandDatta, Biswajit; Adak, Pratap Chandra; Shi, Li-kun; Watanabe, Kenji; Taniguchi, Takashi; Song, Justin Chien Wen; Deshmukh, Mandar M.
2018Plasmon geometric phase and plasmon hall shiftShi, Li-kun; Song, Justin Chien Wen
2019Symmetry, spin-texture, and tunable quantum geometry in a WTe2 monolayerShi, Li-kun; Song, Justin Chien Wen