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 2021Encryption scheduling for remote state estimation under an operation constraintHuang, Lingying; Ding, Kemi; Leong, Alex S.; Quevedo, Daniel E.; Shi, Ling
 2012Optimal sensor power scheduling for state estimation of Gauss–Markov systems over a packet-dropping networkShi, Ling; Xie, Lihua
 2021Optimal unbiased linear sensor fusion over multiple lossy channels with collective observabilityWu, Yuchi; Ding, Kemi; Li, Yuzhe; Shi, Ling
 2018A UTP semantics for communicating processes with shared variables and its formal encoding in PVSShi, Ling; Zhao, Yongxin; Liu, Yang; Sun, Jun; Dong, Jin Song; Qin, Shengchao