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2018A detailed comparison of single-camera light-field PIV and tomographic PIVShi, Shengxian; Ding, Junfei; Atkinson, Callum; Soria, Julio; New, Tze How
 2019High resolution volumetric dual-camera light-field PIVMei, Di; Ding, Junfei; Shi, Shengxian; New, Tze How; Soria, Julio
 2019A novel light field imaging based 3D geometry measurement technique for turbomachinery bladesDing, Junfei; Li, Haotian; Ma, Haoxin; Shi, Shengxian; New, Tze How
2019Proper orthogonal decomposition analysis of near-field coherent structures associated with V-notched nozzle jetsLim, H.D.; Ding, Junfei; Shi, Shengxian; New, Tze How
2019Volumetric calibration enhancements for single-camera light-field PIVShi, Shengxian; Ding, Junfei; New, Tze How; Liu, You; Zhang, Hanmo