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2021Anti-reflective porous Ge by open-circuit and lithography-free metal-assisted chemical etchingZhang, Yi-Yu; Shin, Sang-Ho; Kang, Hyeok-Joong; Jeon, Sohee; Hwang, Soon Hyoung; Zhou, Weidong; Jeong, Jun-Ho; Li, Xiuling; Kim, Munho
2022Black germanium photodetector exceeds external quantum efficiency of 160%An, Shu; Liao, Yikai; Shin, Sang-Ho; Kim, Munho
2022Direct chemisorption-assisted nanotransfer printing with wafer-scale uniformity and controllabilityZhao, Zhi-Jun; Shin, Sang-Ho; Lee, Sang Yeon; Son, Bongkwon; Liao, Yikai; Hwang, Soonhyoung; Jeon, Sohee; Kang, Hyeokjoong; Kim, Munho; Jeong, Jun-Ho
2022Distinct UV–visible responsivity enhancement of GaAs photodetectors via monolithic integration of antireflective nanopillar structure and UV absorbing IGZO layerLiao, Yikai; Zheng, Yixiong; Shin, Sang-Ho; Zhao, Zhi-Jun; An, Shu; Seo, Jung-Hun; Jeong, Jun-Ho; Kim, Munho
2022A heavily doped germanium pyramid array for tunable optical antireflection in the broadband mid-infrared rangeSon, Bongkwon; Shin, Sang-Ho; Jin, Yuhao; Liao, Yikai; Zhao, Zhi-Jun; Jeong, Jun-Ho; Wang, Qi Jie; Wang, Xincai; Tan, Chuan Seng; Kim, Munho
2021High performance flexible visible-blind ultraviolet photodetectors with two dimensional electron gas based on unconventional release strategyZhang, Yi-Yu; Zheng, Yi-Xiong; Lai, Jun-Yu; Seo, Jung-Hun; Lee, Kwang Hong; Tan, Chuan Seng; An, Shu; Shin, Sang-Ho; Son, Bongkwon; Kim, Munho
2021A highly ordered and damage-free Ge inverted pyramid array structure for broadband antireflection in the mid-infraredShin, Sang-Ho; Liao, Yikai; Son, Bongkwon; Zhao, Zhi-Jun; Jeong, Jun-Ho; Tan, Chuan Seng; Kim, Munho
2021Producing microscale Ge textures via titanium nitride- and nickel-assisted chemical etching with CMOS-compatibiliytyLiao, Yikai; Shin, Sang-Ho; Jin, Yuhao; Wang, Qi Jie; Kim, Munho
2021Raman scattering study of GeSn under <1 0 0> and <1 1 0> uniaxial stressAn, Shu; Tai, Yeh-Chen; Lee, Kuo-Chih; Shin, Sang-Ho; Cheng, H. H.; Chang, Guo-En; Kim, Munho
2022Ultraviolet antireflective porous nanoscale periodic hole array of 4H-SiC by photon-enhanced metal-assisted chemical etchingLiao, Yikai; Shin, Sang-Ho; Kim, Munho