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 20223D printing auxetic draft-angle structures towards tunable buckling complexityLiu, Yuheng; Lei, Ming; Peng, Linlong; Lu, Haibao; Shu, Dong Wei
 2012Anisotropic behaviour of AZ31B sheet at high strain ratesAhmad, Iram Raza; Shu, Dong Wei
2001Blast contour in near field of the chargeZhao, Kun.
2006Buckling analysis of two-and three-layer delaminated beams with and without bridgingParlapalli Madhusudhana Rao
2003Degradation of mechanical properties of laminates with multi delaminationsTu, Wenge.
2015Effects of edge crack on the vibration characteristics of delaminated beamsLiu, Yang; Shu, Dong Wei
2003Experimental and finite element analysis for adhesive bonded jointsWei, Linghong.
2003Laminate composites with multiple delaminationsSong, Hao.
 2012Magnesium alloys a promising option as protection materialsAhmad, Iram Raza; Shu, Dong Wei
2005Mechanical properties of some animals' bones and biomaterialsNg, Gim Yeow.
 2022Non-Euclidean geometry model for chemo-mechanical coupling in self-assembled polymers towards dynamic elasticityXing, Ziyu; Lu, Haibao; Shu, Dong Wei; Fu, Yong-Qing
 2021Sequentially tunable buckling in 3D printing auxetic metamaterial undergoing twofold viscoelastic resonancesLiu, Yuheng; Lei, Ming; Lu, Haibo; Shu, Dong Wei
2009Standard static tensile, compression and torsion testsTeng, Chen Yuen.
2003Studies on smart materials and material systems for mechanical applicationsYi, Sung; Boey, Freddy Yin Chiang; Guo, Ningqun; Lin, R. M.; Ling, S. F.; Shu, Dong Wei; Tan, M. J.; Yue, Chee Yoon; M. F. Ahmad; Hilton, H. H.; Sze, K. Y.; Vinson, J. R.
 2022Untangling the mechanics of entanglements in slide-ring gels towards both super-deformability and toughnessXing, Ziyu; Shu, Dong Wei; Lu, Haibao; Fu, Yong-Qing
1999The vibration of a beam embedded with piezoelectric inclusionsDeng, Chao Dan
2006Vibration of beams with delaminations and embedded piezoelectric sensors and actuatorsDella, Christian Ngalatan
1998Vibration of sandwich beams with 2 non-overlapping delaminationsYip, Kok Seng.