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2014Complex Queries in a Shared Multi User Relational Cloud DatabaseSidorov, Vasily; Ng, Wee Keong
2017Cyber-Threat Analysis of a UAV Traffic Management System for Urban AirspaceSidorov, Vasily; Ng, Wee Keong; Lam, Kwok Yan; Mohamed Faisal Bin Mohamed Salleh
2014Model of an Encrypted Cloud Relational Database Supporting Complex Predicates in WHERE ClauseSidorov, Vasily; Ng, Wee Keong
2016Privacy-preserving OLTP database systems with OLAP supportSidorov, Vasily
2015Transparent Data Encryption for Data-in-Use and Data-at-Rest in a Cloud-Based Database-as-a-Service SolutionSidorov, Vasily; Ng, Wee Keong