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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Application of agent in electronic commerceLoke, Paul Daniel Yu Ming.
1997The application of artificial neural network for optimization of MP-CSMA/CD protocolJiao, Zhi Hua
1997Beam forming using neural networkChua, Kee Siong.
2004Current issues in voice over IPMok, Heng Ngee.
2007Efficient quality of service provisioning in the next generation internetSiew, David Chee Kheong
1999Leaky bucket policing for preventive congestion control in ATM networksSanthosh Kumar Parameswaran.
2003Multipath routing in the next generation internetOng, Hong Joo.
 2013A novel approach for supporting deterministic quality-of-service in WDM EPON networksQin, Yang; Xue, Daojun; Zhao, Liqun; He, Hongying; Siew, David Chee Kheong
2003Optimisation of supply chain management in an electronic commerce environmentWu, Gang.
2003Optimization of mobile agent procurement performance in an uncertain environmentSheng, Jin.
2002Packet scheduling in an optical networkGao, Xing
2003Packet scheduling via service curvesNg, Chun Leng.
1997Performance evaluation and implementation of voice and data over the local area networkSiew, David Chee Kheong; Er, Meng Hwa
2001Personalized electronic commerce modelWang, Zheng.
2000QoS and traffic shaping in ATM networksPratik Srivastava.
2000Routing in ATM networkGao, Yongqian.
2002Scheduling algorithm at a switching nodeFu, Jianyun.
2000Security requirements in E-commerceKristanto, Ineke.
2001A study of traffic shaping on ATMLim, Cheng Heng.
1999A study on the performance of IPv4 over an ATM networkRajan Rajendra Vendhan