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2017Driven-dissipative spin chain model based on exciton-polariton condensatesLiew, Timothy Chi Hin; Baumberg, J. J.; Shelykh, I. A.; Sigurdsson, H.; Ramsay, A. J.; Ohadi, H.; Rubo, Y. G.
2017Electrical and optical switching in the bistable regime of an electrically injected polariton laserKlaas, M.; Sigurdsson, H.; Liew, Timothy Chi Hin; Klembt, S.; Amthor, M.; Hartmann, F.; Worschech, L.; Schneider, C.; Höfling, S.
2016Half-skyrmion spin textures in polariton microcavitiesCilibrizzi, P.; Sigurdsson, H.; Liew, Timothy Chi Hin; Ohadi, H.; Askitopoulos, A.; Brodbeck, S.; Schneider, C.; Shelykh, I. A.; Höfling, S.; Ruostekoski, J.; Lagoudakis, P.
2014Information processing with topologically protected vortex memories in exciton-polariton condensatesSigurdsson, H.; Egorov, O. A.; Ma, X.; Shelykh, Ivan A.; Liew, Timothy Chi Hin
2014Optically induced Aharonov-Bohm effect in mesoscopic ringsSigurdsson, H.; Kibis, O. V.; Shelykh, Ivan
2018Parity bifurcations in trapped multistable phase locked exciton-polariton condensatesTan, E. Z.; Sigurdsson, H.; Liew, Timothy Chi Hin
2017Parity solitons in nonresonantly driven-dissipative condensate channelsLiew, Timothy Chi Hin; Shelykh, I. A.; Sigurdsson, H.
2015Polariton spin whirlsCilibrizzi, P.; Sigurdsson, H.; Liew, Timothy Chi Hin; Ohadi, H.; Wilkinson, S.; Askitopoulos, A.; Shelykh, Ivan A.; Lagoudakis, P. G.
2019Probabilistic solving of NP-hard problems with bistable nonlinear optical networksKyriienko, O.; Sigurdsson, H.; Liew, Timothy Chi Hin
2017Spin Order and Phase Transitions in Chains of Polariton CondensatesOhadi, H.; Ramsay, A. J.; Sigurdsson, H.; del Valle-Inclan Redondo, Y.; Tsintzos, S. I.; Hatzopoulos, Z.; Liew, Timothy Chi Hin; Shelykh, I. A.; Rubo, Y. G.; Savvidis, P. G.; Baumberg, J. J.
2017Spontaneous and superfluid chiral edge states in exciton-polariton condensatesSigurdsson, H.; Li, G.; Liew, Timothy Chi Hin
2014Vortices in spinor cold exciton condensates with spin-orbit interactionLiew, Timothy Chi Hin; Kyriienko, Oleksandr; Shelykh, Ivan A.; Sigurdsson, H.