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2017The 2017 Marawi Attacks: Implications for Regional SecuritySingh, Jasminder
20192019 Jolo Bombing : Bid to Derail BOL Peace Deal?Syed Huzaifah Othman Alkaff; Singh, Jasminder
2016Al-Fatihin: Islamic State's first Malay language newspaperSingh, Jasminder; Muhammad Haziq Jani
2016Coalition Conquest of ISIS-held Mosul and Raqqa: Implications for Southeast AsiaSingh, Jasminder; Muhammad Haziq Jani
2019Filipino Suicide Bombings : Breaching Another Threshold?Singh, Jasminder
2020IS Resilience in Southeast Asia?Singh, Jasminder
2017ISIS' Amin Baco: Tri-border Emir in Southeast AsiaSingh, Jasminder
2018Jolo and Maguindanao : New IS Epicentres in Philippines?Singh, Jasminder; Syed Huzaifah Othman Alkaff
2015Katibah Nusantara : Islamic state’s Malay Archipelago combat unitSingh, Jasminder
2017'Liberation’ of Marawi : Implications for Southeast AsiaSingh, Jasminder
2016Myanmar’s Rohingya Conflict: Foreign Jihadi BrewingSingh, Jasminder; Muhammad Haziq Jani
2018New Al-Fatihin: IS Continued Ideological Threat to Southeast AsiaSyed Huzaifah Othman Alkaff; Singh, Jasminder
2019New Pro-Islamic State Magazine : A Persistent Ideological ThreatSyed Huzaifah Bin Othman Alkaff; Singh, Jasminder
2018One Year After Marawi : Has The Threat Gone?Singh, Jasminder
2016Operation Tinombala: Indonesia’s New Counter-Terrorism StrategySingh, Jasminder
2018Post-Marawi Fallout: Further Radicalisation?Singh, Jasminder
2016The Tri-Border Area: Jihadi Epicentre in Southeast AsiaSingh, Jasminder; Muhammad Haziq Bin Jani