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2021Behavior of a shock-accelerated heavy cylindrical bubble under nonequilibrium conditions of diatomic and polyatomic gasesSingh, Satyvir; Battiato, Marco
2022Computational modeling of nonlinear reaction-diffusion Fisher–KPP equation with mixed modal discontinuous Galerkin schemeSingh, Satyvir
 2021Computational study of hypersonic rarefied gas flow over re-entry vehicles using the second-order Boltzmann-Curtiss constitutive modelChourushi, Tushar; Singh, Satyvir; Sreekala, Vishnu Asokakumar; Myong, Rho Shin
2021Contribution of Mach number to the evolution of the Richtmyer-Meshkov instability induced by a shock-accelerated square light bubbleSingh, Satyvir
2020Effect of strong electric fields on material responses : the Bloch oscillation resonance in high field conductivitiesSingh, Satyvir; Battiato, Marco
 2022An explicit modal discontinuous Galerkin approach to compressible multicomponent flows: application to shock-bubble interactionSingh, Satyvir
 2021An explicit modal discontinuous Galerkin method for Boltzmann transport equation under electronic nonequilibrium conditionsSingh, Satyvir; Battiato, Marco
2021Impact of bulk viscosity on flow morphology of shock-accelerated cylindrical light bubble in diatomic and polyatomic gasesSingh, Satyvir; Battiato, Marco; Myong, Rho Shin
 2021Mixed-type discontinuous Galerkin approach for solving the generalized FitzHugh–Nagumo reaction–diffusion modelSingh, Satyvir
 2021Numerical investigation of thermal non-equilibrium effects of diatomic and polyatomic gases on the shock-accelerated square light bubble using a mixed-type modal discontinuous Galerkin methodSingh, Satyvir
2022Numerical simulations of Richtmyer–Meshkov instability of SF₆ square bubble in diatomic and polyatomic gasesSingh, Satyvir; Marco, Battiato
2020Role of Atwood number on flow morphology of a planar shock-accelerated square bubble : a numerical studySingh, Satyvir
 2020Strongly out-of-equilibrium simulations for electron Boltzmann transport equation using modal discontinuous Galerkina approachSingh, Satyvir; Battiato, Marco
 2022Thermal and flow characteristics of nonequilibrium monatomic, diatomic, and polyatomic gases in cylindrical Couette flow based on second-order non-Navier–Fourier constitutive modelChourushi, Tushar; Rahimi, A.; Singh, Satyvir; Ejtehadi, O.; Mankodi, T. K.; Myong, Rho Shin
 2022A three-dimensional modal discontinuous Galerkin method for the second-order Boltzmann-Curtiss-based constitutive model of rarefied and microscale gas flowsSingh, Satyvir; Karchani, Abolfazl; Chourushi, Tushar; Myong, Rho Shin
2020Topology of the second-order constitutive model based on the Boltzmann–Curtiss kinetic equation for diatomic and polyatomic gasesSingh, Satyvir; Karchani, Abolfazl; Sharma, Kuldeep; Myong, Rho Shin