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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20023D visualization of manufacturing and supply chain using discrete event simulationZhou, Hong.
2002Agent-based logistic coordinationSyed Mansoor Raza.
2017Capacity planning with demand uncertainty for outpatient clinicsNguyen, Thu Ba T.; Sivakumar, Appa Iyer; Graves, Stephen C.
2002CIM automation in a semiconductor industry - The virtual factory systemSim, See Hwa.
2003Computer integrated project management in power industry to achieve effectivenessGopalan Venkatraman.
2004Cycle time optimization of semiconductor wafer fabrication system using simulationKyaw, Soe Nyunt.
 2013An inventory routing problem with the objective of travel time minimizationLi, Kunpeng; Chen, Bin; Sivakumar, Appa Iyer; Wu, Yong
2003Job scheduling of batch furnace processing in semiconductor wafer fab using simulation approachSubramanian Harhara Subramanian.
2004Modelling of manufacturing shop floorLeung, Whye Keong.
2007Multi-objective scheduling in PCB assembly manufacturing : discreet event simulation approachZuo, Jie
2007Optimal production/inventor control for a two-machine make-to-stock systemQian, Yi
2005Performance optimization of vehicle routing with simultaneous pickup and delivery in logistics operationsGopinath, Maasi.
1998Production inventory management using electronic kanbanChia, Chu Wei.
2003Reengineering fast food supply chain to improve performanceChen, Yun Zhi.
2014Reinforcement learning based predictive maintenance for a machine with multiple deteriorating yield levelsWang, Xiao; Wang, Hongwei; Qi, Chao; Sivakumar, Appa Iyer
2002Simulation based analysis of cycle time and throughput in semiconductor assembly process integrationMuruhathasan Yogathasan.
2001A study of semiconductor back-end manufacturing : special focus on scheduling techniquesOng, Choon Keong.; Teo, Chee Chong.; Yeo, Lip Pin.
2007Study on the semiconductor wafer fabrication performance improvement based on job release controlAndy Darwin Kasan Hidayat