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 2014Band-gap manipulations of monolayer graphene by phenyl radical adsorptions : a density functional theory studyHuang, Lin; Sk, Mahasin Alam; Chen, Peng; Lim, Kok Hwa
2016Controlling armchair and zigzag edges in oxidative cutting of grapheneSk, Mahasin Alam; Huang, Lin; Chen, Peng; Lim, Kok Hwa
2014Molybdenum phosphide as an efficient electrocatalyst for the hydrogen evolution reactionXiao, Peng; Sk, Mahasin Alam; Thia, Larissa; Ge, Xiaoming; Lim, Rern Jern; Wang, Jing-Yuan; Lim, Kok Hwa; Wang, Xin
2015Nitrogen and phosphorus co-doped graphene quantum dots: synthesis from adenosine triphosphate, optical properties, and cellular imagingAnanthanarayanan, Arundithi; Wang, Yue; Routh, Parimal; Sk, Mahasin Alam; Than, Aung; Lin, Ming; Zhang, Jie; Chen, Jie; Sun, Handong; Chen, Peng
2014Revealing the tunable photoluminescence properties of graphene quantum dotsSk, Mahasin Alam; Ananthanarayanan, Arundithi; Huang, Lin; Lim, Kok Hwa; Chen, Peng
2013A review on the electrochemical reduction of CO2 in fuel cells, metal electrodes and molecular catalystsLim, Rern Jern; Xie, Mingshi; Sk, Mahasin Alam; Lee, Jong-Min; Fisher, Adrian; Wang, Xin; Lim, Kok Hwa
 2012Stress induced half-metallicity in surface defected germanium nanowiresSk, Mahasin Alam; Ng, Man-Fai; Yang, Shuo-Wang; Lim, Kok Hwa
 2012Structural requirements of salicylaldehyde benzoylhydrazones and their Cu(II) complexes for anticancer activityTan, Shiow Jin; Sk, Mahasin Alam; Lee, Peter Peng Foo; Yan, Yaw Kai; Lim, Kok Hwa