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2010Centre for Non-Traditional Security Studies Year in Review 2010Li, Hongyan; Kaur, Manpavan Joth; Cook, Alistair David Blair; Caballero-Anthony, Mely; Ewing, J. Jackson; Gong, Lina; Hangzo, Pau Khan Khup; Durodie, Bill; Sofiah Jamil; Kuntjoro, Irene A.; Maeztri, Devin; Ong, Suan Ee
2006Clearing up ASEAN's hazy relationsSofiah Jamil
2019Climate Crisis : ‘Listening to the Science’ Not EnoughSofiah Jamil
2010COP 16 : can Cancun salvage Copenhagen?Sofiah Jamil; Devin Maeztri
2013Disasters in Southeast Asia’s megacities : protecting the informal sectorSofiah Jamil; Mushahid Ali
2011Floods and regional disaster prepardness : too little, too late?Caballero-Anthony, Mely; Sofiah Jamil
2011Japan in disaster : managing energy vulnerabilitiesSofiah Jamil; Mely Caballero-Anthony
2010Mudflow management : lessons for Southeast AsiaSofiah Jamil; Devin Maeztri
2014Nuclear energy in Southeast Asia : public engagement before policiesSofiah Jamil
2007OIC's journey to enlightenmentSofiah Jamil
2010Triple trouble in Indonesia : strengthening Jakarta’s disaster preparednessIrene A Kuntjoro; Sofiah Jamil
2010Up in smoke : peatland fires in Russia and IndonesiaSofiah Jamil