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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1990Alternative conductor guide design for offshore structuresSoh, Ai Kah; Soh, Chee Kiong; Fan, Sau Cheong
2003Analytical solutions for vibration control of cantilever column using piezoelectric actuatorJu, Changkuan
2018Application of metamaterial surface plasmon and waveguide for robotic-arm based structural health monitoringAnnamdas, Venu Gopal Madhav; Soh, Chee Kiong
 2020Associations of perceived indoor environmental quality with stress in the workplaceThach, Thuan-Quoc; Mahirah, Dhiya; Sauter, Charlotte; Roberts, Adam Charles; Dunleavy, Gerard; Nazeha, Nuraini; Rykov, Yuri; Zhang, Yichi; Christopoulos, George I.; Soh, Chee Kiong; Car, Josip
1995Behaviour of square-to-square tubular joints subjected to basic and combined loadingsPey, Lay Peng.
1994Behaviour of tubular joints subjected to combined loadingsYeoh, Seng Keat.
2013Broadband energy harvesting using nonlinear 2-DOF configurationYang, Yaowen; Soh, Chee Kiong; Wu, Hao; Tang, Lihua; Avvari, Panduranga Vittal
 2012A compact 2 degree-of-freedom energy harvester with cut-out cantilever beamWu, Hao; Tang, Lihua; Yang, Yaowen; Soh, Chee Kiong
2012Comparative study of electromechanical impedance and lamb wave techniques for fatigue crack detection and monitoring in metallic structuresLim, Say Ian; Liu, Yu; Soh, Chee Kiong
2003Computational experiment of reinforced concrete structural elements using damage mechanicsLiu, Yu.
2019The cubicle deconstructed : simple visual enclosure improves perseveranceRoberts, Adam Charles; Yap, Hui Shan; Kwok, Kian-Woon; Car, Josip; Soh, Chee Kiong; Christopoulos, George I.
2013Damage detection and characterization using EMI technique under varying axial loadLim, Yee Yan; Soh, Chee Kiong
2012Detection and monitoring of axial cracks in cylindrical structures using torsional wave generated by piezoelectric macro-fiber compositeCui, Lin; Lim, Say Ian; Shi, Miao; Liu, Yu; Soh, Chee Kiong
2014Development of a broadband nonlinear two-degree-of-freedom piezoelectric energy harvesterWu, Hao; Soh, Chee Kiong; Tang, Lihua; Yang, Yaowen
1996Development of genetic algorithm based approach for structural optimisationYang, Jia Ping
 2012Effect of varying axial load under fixed boundary condition on admittance signatures of electromechanical impedance techniqueLim, Y. Y.; Soh, Chee Kiong
2022Effects of fun-seeking and external locus of control on smoking behaviour: a cross-sectional analysis on a cohort of working men in SingaporeLee, Alvin Kar Fye; Lee, Eun Hee; Roberts, Adam Charles; Car, Josip; Soh, Chee Kiong; Christopoulos, Georgios
2014Electro-mechanical impedance (EMI)-based incipient crack monitoring and critical crack identification of beam structuresLim, Yee Yan; Soh, Chee Kiong
2013Enhancement of piezoelectric energy harvesting with multi-stable nonlinear vibrationsYang, Yaowen; Soh, Chee Kiong; Avvari, Panduranga Vittal; Tang, Lihua
2019Examining the factor structure of the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index in a multi-ethnic working population in SingaporeDunleavy, Gerard; Bajpai, Ram; Tonon, André Comiran; Chua, Ai Ping; Cheung, Kei Long; Soh, Chee Kiong; Christopoulos, Georgios I.; de Vries, Hein; Car, Josip